Hey you! Welcome to my sleeping authority website!
My name is Lakisha, and I am your go-to gal for the best products that you’ll need for a quality night’s sleep. Take it from someone who used to be lucky to get just a few crummy hours of sleep here and there. I now sleep like a baby for 8 hours every night because I know what works.

The Basics About Me

First, I’m from New Haven, Connecticut. I have two sons, two dogs and one lovely husband named Kyle. I’m a traveling salesperson, so my days start early, and I’m always on the go.

My History With Sleeping Issues

Back when I was in college was when I really started getting into a messy sleep pattern. And when I got married, Kyle was appalled at how terribly I slept. I could never fall asleep, and when I finally would dose off around 3 or 4am, I would toss and turn until it was time to get up. Frankly, part of this was because he snored.

By the time I had kids, I was a zombie every day. I struggled with health problems, like constant colds, nausea, TMJ and headaches.

Finally, I started researching better methods of sleep, and I found out one thing. I didn’t have the right products. When I traveled, I would use an air mattress, and the one I had was terribly uncomfortable. I had also never tried a mattress pad at home, and I struggled with sleep because Kyle snored but had never tried ear plugs.

The good news is that once I fixed these issues, I was cured! I now sleep wonderfully every night.

I want you to sleep wonderfully too. Please feel free to check out my authority guide, and I truly hope that this information can help you as much as it has helped me.