Best Air Mattress Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes finding the best air mattress, there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

Perhaps you’re going camping or you’re expecting houseguests. Maybe you’re going to be the houseguest, and you want the best air bed. There are a number of benefits to having the top air mattress. This comprehensive guide will be the key to your search. It combines exactly what you should be looking for with full air mattress reviews. Remember to always aim for the best, and never settle for the mediocre! Your mattress is important for your healthy sleep.

I have done all of the necessary research for you. Check it out so that you can make an informed decision on the absolute best portable bed for you. Good luck!

Our Top Best Air Mattresses Comparison Chart

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil
Built-InQueenOur Review
Lazery Sleep Air Mattress
Built-InQueen / TwinOur Review
Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed
Built-InQueenOur Review
AeroBed Quilted Foam Topper Air Mattress
Built-InFullOur Review

Reasons to Get One

Photo of girls having a sleepover

photo credit: leefschool 20160630 sleep-over N600031 via photopin (license)

Have you ever owned a cheap air bed that was super small and uncomfortable? Did it deflate during the night? If so, forget these badly made, cheap air mattresses.

Today, there are plenty of reasons to find the best air beds and get a brand new model. They’re so useful.

First, an airbed can be the best guest bed if you have limited space in your home. Second, if you’re camping, moving or just on-the-go, an air mattress can serve as a super comfy alternative to sleeping on the floor. Some people even use them full-time, and college students love them.

Moreover, the best blow up mattresses can be rolled up tightly and easily hidden.

Whatever the reason why you happen to be shopping for an airbed, you certainly don’t want something that will be uncomfortable, badly made or too expensive. Instead, you want a top rated model at a great price.

Below, you’ll see that we’ve created a comprehensive comparison guide between the best air mattresses. We also answer the questions: Where can I buy a blow up mattress? What is the best cheap blow up mattress? and How much is an air mattress?

What is The Best Air Mattress?

drawing of a detective characterThis is a question that I get a lot. Well, I’ve got bad and good news.

First, here’s the bad news. There is no single answer that I can give to this question because there are simply too many factors to consider when it comes to buying a high quality air bed.

Unfortunately, I don’t recommend just visiting your local brick and mortar home goods store and choosing what appears to be the best inflatable bed from the shelves. Do your research.

Here’s the good news. With just a little bit of time and effort, you can narrow down what it is that you’re looking for in the best quality air mattress. Do this and read some blow-up mattress reviews, and you’ll be able to single out the perfect bed for you and your family.

Here’s what you must consider.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Air Bed


Air beds come in the same sizes as regular mattresses. But most of the time, they’re either twin or queen sized.

Choose your size based on who will be sleeping on it and where you will be putting it.

Couples should get queen air beds. If you want extra room and you’re a single sleeper, a queen might be useful. Otherwise, I recommend the twin size for single sleepers.

Also consider where the bed will be put. Lots of room means that a queen should fit easily. But if space is tight, choose a twin.

light bulbElectric or Non-Electric Pump

I always recommend getting an electric pump that plugs into a normal wall outlet. These may be internal or external. Internal or built-in pumps are convenient because there’s only one unit to your whole mattress, and you don’t have to gather multiple parts when transporting. Most built-in pumps even have a spot to wrap up the cord when it’s not in use.

Non-electric pumps are rare these days except for camping purposes. Some camping air mattresses will have a rechargeable pump. You pump it at home or in the car, and the battery works to fill your mattress.


A warranty is definitely recommended, and fortunately, most of the top rated air mattress brands have them. Just read mattress brand reviews to see if the model that you’re looking at has a good warranty. A warranty of at least 1 year is recommended.

rock surfaceSurface of the Mattress

Most of the time, even the best temporary bed won’t be as comfy as your own bed. But many of the best inflatable mattresses still offer a wonderful night’s sleep.

A lot of the comfort will have to do with the surface of the air bed or the flocking. Look for air beds that have soft, felted flocking instead of vinyl or plastic.

depthMattress Depth

You can choose different depths or heights of air beds as well. Some mattresses are deep for added comfort. They won’t depress and inadvertently allow you to touch the ground when you move. And even if they slightly deflate at night, they won’t deflate so much that it becomes uncomfortable.

I recommend mattresses that are at least 18 inches off the floor. You should also be able to adjust the firmness when you inflate the bed.

price tagOverall Price

Finally, think about how much you’re willing to spend.

Naturally, the best air bed brands will cost more than the non brand name, cheap air beds. At the same time, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

In fact, there are a number of cheap inflatable mattress brands that offer some of the best-rated air mattresses.

I recommend setting a budget before you begin shopping. That way you’ll have narrowed down your search from the start.

Top 10 Best Air Mattress Reviews

Alright, let’s get right down to brass tacks!

What are the best air mattresses? What are the best-rated air beds? Where can you find the great air mattress with built-in pump?

If you have these questions and others, below is what you’ve been looking for.

This is our comprehensive guide of the top 10 best airbed models with full air bed reviews for each one.

Here, you’ll find our picks for the top air mattress models in all categories. We’ve included a huge variety of picks for every situation imaginable.

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil

sleeping air mattress



  • Extra thick flocking to help prevent rips and punctures
  • Flocking is waterproof to keep stains at bay
  • Raised double height bed has two chambers of air in the construction
  • Patented internal pump offers easy inflation with 1 click and finishes in under 4 minutes
  • Pump cord storage is integrated into the bed for a clean look
  • 40 internal air coils offer more support and durability
  • Sure-grip bottom helps to keep bed in place and prevent slippage
  • Carry bag included


  • Some air mattress reviews mentioned that it was difficult to use the patches that came with the air mattress when fixing small holes or seam rips.


The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil is the best blow up bed for any situation, and it’s definitely the best air bed for guests because of its high quality, great design and super comfort.

What Is the Best Air Mattress to Buy in Twin Size?

If you’re looking for the best twin size air mattress, I also want to mention here that there is a twin bed size version of the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil. This product can be found on Amazon.


  • Blue top with beige body
  • Internal air pump
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 78″ x 58″ x 19″
  • Consumer-friendly limited 1-year guarantee

Overall Value for the Money

This SoundAsleep Dream Series air bed is the best inflatable mattress on the market and is definitely worth the price tag. In fact, this bed comes at a great price for what you’re getting.

2. Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress with Built-In Electric Pumpgreat air mattress by restoration



  • Top flocking is double thick, comfortable and features a coil system to help evenly distribute weight
  • Flocking is waterproof and puncture-resistant
  • 18 inches deep for added comfort
  • Air pump is built-in and rechargeable so that you don’t even need a cord or an outlet
  • Pump inflates or deflates the mattress is only minutes
  • Mattress rolls up tightly for simple storage
  • Large carrying bag included
  • Repair kit included


  • Some queen air mattress reviews mentioned that they wished the flocking was a different color. Because it is white, it stains more easily if sheets are not used, and it cannot be removed.


The Restoration Queen Size Air Mattress with Built-In Electric Pump is one of the best queen mattress models on the market. The vinyl material is durable and puncture-resistant, and the top flocking is comfortable with the many air coils that disperse weight.


  • White top with black body
  • Built-in, rechargeable air pump
  • Queen size

Overall Value for the Money

This mattress is comfortable, durable and well worth the price tag. Especially if you plan on camping with an air mattress, I recommend this model because of the pump that can be charged at home and used without the need of an electrical outlet. You can even charge the pump in the car while you’re on your way to your camping site.

3. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress



  • Heavy duty, durable flocking offers comfort and quality
  • Bed is double height so you’ll never feel the floor
  • Double chamber design and 40 air coils add to overall comfort
  • Internal electric pump fills or deflates the mattress in just 4 minutes and has an auto-shut off for safety
  • LED remote has 7 unique settings so you can achieve the perfect firmness
  • Super gripped bottom that is extra thick keeps punctures at bay and prevents slipping


  • This mattress is slightly higher priced than some of the other models, but the excellent comfort and ease of use easily makes up for the price.


The Lazery Sleep Air Mattress is the best-rated air mattress in terms of luxury on this list and has a number of high-quality features, including a 7 setting remote and auto shut-off, built-in air pump.


  • Red top with white body
  • Pump is built-in, electric and comes with an LED remote
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 78” x 58” x 19”
  • As with all of the top air mattress models, a 1-year satisfaction warranty is included with this mattress, and any issues can be directed to the company by phone

Overall Value for the Money

At a higher price than many of the other air mattresses that are listed in this guide, the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress needs to live up to high expectations as one of the best air mattresses, and it does. The bed is heavy duty, comfortable and long-lasting. The added LED remote with pressure settings also sets it apart from the other models and makes it more of a luxury air mattress.

4. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbedintex air mattress



  • Best price for a high-quality air mattress
  • Comfortable felted flocking covers entire top of mattress and is puncture-proof
  • Flocking is waterproof as well
  • Built-in electric pump can deflate or inflate your bed in just 4 and a half minutes
  • 22-inch height of this Dura-Beam series bed offers added comfort
  • Fitted sheets stay put with indented sides
  • No visible shiny vinyl will cause unwanted squeaking
  • Comes with large, convenient carrying duffel


  • It’s not uncommon for an Intex bed review to mention that leaking over time is a problem. But it is important to also remember that air leakage will inevitably happen throughout the night. And topping off the air in your mattress is usually required every morning or before you use the mattress for a subsequent time.
  • Unlike many of the other best air beds for home and travel, there is no warranty on this air mattress.


The Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed is the best inflatable bed for someone who needs comfort as well as a decent price. Intex mattress reviews reveal that this bed is 50 percent more comfortable than many of the other most popular air mattresses.


  • Light gray top with dark gray body
  • Built-in electric pump
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 60” x 22” x 80”
  • No warranty

Overall Value for the Money

For the price, this is definitely the most recommended air mattress. Intex air bed reviews show that this mattress will last for years and provide optimal comfort for you or guests to your home.

5. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress Insta III Pumpinstabed air mattress



  • Flocking is soft and comfortable but should be used with sheets
  • Deep height makes this one of the best air bed models for cushioning and comfort
  • Pump is easy to use and integrated into the mattress for a clean look
  • Use the pump to inflate or deflate your mattress in just 4 minutes
  • Pump is also 20 percent quieter than most beds
  • Storage and carry bag with drawstring close included


  • A few of the air bed mattress reviews for this product have mentioned that if you do not inflate it fully, the mattress can seem uneven when you sleep on it. But this will be true of even the top-notch air mattress.


What is the best air mattress on the market that comes in two sizes and has great prices? I always recommend the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Insta III Pump. This is one of the best queen size air mattress models that is also cost-friendly, stylish and comfortable. You can also get a twin for individuals. The queen size is the best blow up mattress for guests.


  • Tan top with tan body
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 78”x60″x15″
  • Twin size inflated dimensions: 74”x39″x15″
  • 1-year limited warranty included

Overall Value for the Money

For the money, I highly recommend the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Insta III Pump. It’s easy to use, extremely comfortable to sleep on and comes in two sizes. Even the uniform color of this mattress is nice as it blends with any type of decor and easily hides stains if they occur.

6. AeroBed Quilted Foam Topper Air MattressAeroBed Air Mattress



  • Quilted foam top is antimicrobial to resist mold, odor, fungus and mildew
  • Quilted foam top is extremely comfortable like a traditional bed and also removable and washable, making it the best inflatable guest bed
  • Added height makes this bed more comfortable than most.
  • Internal electric pump includes a pressure light indicator so that you know when your mattress is completely full


  • Some Aero Bed reviews were disappointed with the fact that it is recommended that the topper be dry cleaned.


The AeroBed Quilted Foam Topper Air Mattress is the best air bed for guests. Unlike most of the other air mattresses that you’ll see, this model has a removable comforter top, which means that it can be washed and replaced just like bed sheets. AeroBed air mattress reviews did mention that you might want to get the topper dry cleaned, which can add to cost. But other air mattresses don’t even have the option of removing and cleaning the flocking.


  • Grey comforter top with medium blue body
  • Internal pump
  • Full-size inflated dimensions: 74” x 54” x 20”
  • 2-year limited warranty included

Overall Value for the Money

This air mattress is more expensive than most of the other models. This is in part because the topper is removable, and this is not a common feature. You also have a pressure indicator with this model, which is unique. Overall, I highly recommend it.

7. Ivation Air Mattress (Queen)Ivation air mattress



  • Comfortable top flocking provides a pleasant sleep for anyone
  • Flocking is also puncture-proof and waterproof
  • 20-inch height with single chamber air fill adds even more comfort to the bed
  • Internal electric air pump fills or deflates the bed in only 4 minutes
  • Non-slip bottom keeps the air mattress in place


  • A select few of the air beds reviews said that this bed lost pump ability over time, but it’s also important to remember not to overwork the pump.


The Ivation Air Mattress is the best air mattress to buy for camping, guests or travel. The height is extra high for added comfort, and the bed maintains its air supply all night long. The built-in pump also works efficiently at both inflating the mattress and deflating it.


  • Beige top with brown body
  • Internal pump
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 78” x 60” x 20”
  • Twin size inflated dimensions: 74” x 40” x 20”
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all products

Overall Value for the Money

This air mattress fills easily and quickly and provides great comfort for sleeping. The material is durable and thick to prevent holes and punctures, and the top flocking has added felting for more comfort. The price of this mattress is middle of the road, but you’re getting a great product here, so I recommend it.

8. Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStopcoleman air bed



  • Bed construction is made of heavy duty PVC
  • Comfortable flocking and ComfortStrong coil construction add more comfort to this mattress
  • External pump is small and easy to use
  • Valve has a double lock so that air cannot leak out
  • Standard sheets fit on this bed
  • Indents in sides of bed help sheets fit easier
  • Raised edge helps keep you in the bed and helps your pillow stay on too


  • One Coleman air mattress review mentioned that the air easily deflated from the mattress overnight.


The Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop is a great air mattress according to the Coleman airbed review. Many of the camping air mattress reviews mentioned that this was a deep mattress that is extremely comfortable and never gets punctures or tears. I like it for the inexpensive price and the multiple sizes that you can choose from.


  • Beige top with tan body
  • External pump
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 18” x 60” x 78”
  • 1 year limited warranty

Overall Value for the Money

For the amount that you’re paying for this mattress and what you’re getting, it’s a great deal. The external 120v pump can be used right away and is easy to transport.

9. Intex Dura-Beam Queen Air Bed with Headboardintex air mattress



  • High strength polyester fibers won’t stretch as time goes on
  • Comfortable flocking is puncture-proof
  • 18 inch raised height makes this bed even more comfortable
  • Internal pump fills up the mattress in no time
  • Added headboard pillow rest is great for relaxing and adds a touch of luxury


  • A few of the air mattress review blurbs mentioned that because this mattress is white, it’s harder to keep stains off from it.
  • In addition, the best air bed reviews mention the pros of having a warranty, but this mattress does not have a warranty were anything to go wrong with it.


The Intex Dura-Beam Queen Air Bed with Headboard gets excellent queen size air mattress reviews from me. It’s the best blow up mattress for guests because of the added blow up pillow rest and headboard piece. The entire bed is covered with comfortable flocking for even more luxury.


  • Off white top with off white body
  • Internal electric pump
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 90 “ x 60 “ x 31 “
  • This bed has no warranty

Overall Value for the Money

This is another one of the most inexpensive beds on the list, but it’s a great model to have. The queen size is large enough for two people to comfortably sleep on, and the pillow rest headboard is great for making the mattress feel like a real bed.

10. SimplySleeper SS-49T Premium Raised 18”SimplySleeper air mattress



  • Available in full size, queen size or twin size
  • Comfort top flocking included
  • Flocking is puncture proof with three layers of protection
  • Comfort oval coil construction adds to the luxury
  • 18 inches deep mattress provides even more cushioning and comfort than some regular mattresses
  • Internal electric pump
  • No-touch inflation that fills the mattress in just 3 minutes


  • One air bed review mentioned that the material was not quite as durable on this mattress as on other mattresses.
  • A few airbed reviews mentioned the fact that the material and bed was white, and this made it difficult to adequately clean stains and spills.
  • There is no warranty with this mattress.


The SimplySleeper SS-49T Premium Raised 18” is the last best-rated air mattress on this list. I like that it comes in so many sizes and that it’s raised. The repair kit and travel bag that the mattress comes with are also extremely handy.


  • Off white top with off white body
  • Internal pump
  • Twin size inflated dimensions: 75.5″ X 40″ X 18″
  • Full size inflated dimensions: 74 x 55 x 18
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 80″ x 60″ x 18″
  • This air mattress does not come with a warranty

Overall Value for the Money

As the last of the top rated air mattress review recommendations, I do recommend this mattress for the price, but it is slightly higher than some of the other, better mattresses. It’s number 10 for a reason. The thing that I really like about this mattress is its resistance to stretching and the included travel bag and repair kit.

Finding the Best Air Mattress For Camping

A good camping air mattress is one that provides comfort and durability. But the best camping mattress is also one that won’t weigh you down. After all, as you make your way to your camping site and tent, you don’t want to be completely weighed down with a bulky, heavy air mattress, and that’s true even if it is the best camping air bed in the world.

So if you want to know what is the top air mattress for camping, you’re in luck. The following is a review of what I consider to be the absolute best air bed for camping.

One of The Best Air Mattresses for Camping

The Airlite Sleeping Pad for Camping – The Best Camping Mattressphoto of Airlite Sleeping Pad



  • Double brass valves help to deflate this mattress quickly and easily
  • Best air mattress for camping because of super lightweight design
  • Integrated foam foot pump makes it easy to pump up your mattress without batteries or electricity
  • One of the best air beds for camping in terms of durability with the Diamond Ripstop fabric
  • Thick tubular design provides adequate support to all areas of your body and super comfort while sleeping on the ground


  • Some of the inflatable air mattress reviews that you’ll read will say that this is not the best inflatable mattress for camping because it’s not comfortable enough. Unfortunately, if you need a small and compact design for camping travel, you won’t be able to also have the best camp mattress in terms of luxury and comfort.

photo of a camping mat being used



  • Available in two sizes
  • Regular size inflated dimensions: 72 “ x 20 “
  • Long size inflated dimensions: 78 “ x 24 “
  • Integrated pump
  • Diamond Ripstop fabric

Overall Value for the Money

Read any camping air mattress review to see why the Airlite Sleeping Pad is the best bed for camping. It is comfy, puncture and rip-proof, lightweight and compact. It is definitely worth the money, and to be sure, the price is not that high for this high-quality air mattress.

Best Air Mattress Pump

The best air mattress pump is the Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump. This product has great features, and it will last you a lifetime. It’s also fast acting, inflating or deflating your air bed in just a matter of minutes.

More information on the pump below.

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air PumpIntex electric air pump for air beds


The Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump can be used on 110 – 120 volt outlets. This accounts for almost all U.S. home outlets, so you should be fine plugging it in anywhere.

The product comes with three types of nozzles. This is so that you can be sure it will work with any kind of air mattress.

Intex air beds reviews have stated that this pump fills up air mattresses quicker than almost any other model. It can even fill up large king size air mattresses with ease. The design is simple to understand and operate, and the compact size of the pump makes it super easy to transport anywhere.

Finding The Best Air Mattress for Kids

Children require different regular beds than adults. So it goes without saying that they also might require a different blow up mattress. The following two models are my favorite picks for the best children’s air mattress.

The Shrunks Toddler Air Mattressphoto of a toddler air mattress


The Shrunks Toddler Air Mattress is a small child’s air mattress that reaches a maximum of 60″ x 37″ x 9″. The mattress can inflate in just half a minute, and it deflates in the same amount of time.

A Jetaire electric pump comes with the air mattress. When the mattress is deflated, it can go along with the Jetaire pump and a free compact repair kit to inside a convenient carrying bag.

Unlike many other air mattresses, this one features security rails on each side to prevent a child from accidentally falling or rolling off during the night. Flocking on the top of the mattress also keeps squeaking noises to a minimum.

LazyNap LZ-04K Kids Air MattressLazyNap air mattress


The LazyNap LZ-04K Kids Air Mattress is a small kids air bed that takes only three minutes to inflate or deflate. The mattress reaches a maximum of 60″ x 36″ x 8”. The bed features an electric pump that fits externally to the mattress when inflating or deflating.

In addition to the electric pump, this mattress has a soft cover that can be easily removed and washed. There is also a repair kit and comprehensive user guide for setting up and troubleshooting. A travel bag holds everything together.

Best Air Mattress Brand


SoundAsleep Camping Series Air MattressThe highest rated air mattress for camping, guests, home, travel, college and everything in between is by far SoundAsleep.

SoundAsleep gets amazing air mattresses reviews all around, and I myself love this company as well.

The company is family owned and actually quite small despite the fact that their brand has become widely known throughout the U.S. All of the SoundAlseep products are designed and developed in the United States. Their company headquarters is in New Jersey.

The Best SoundAlseep Product

If you’d like to try a SoundAlseep product for yourself, I recommend one from the SoundAlseep camping series. These are super durable and amazingly comfortable beds.

Choose from a twin or a queen bed. An external pump offers easy inflation, and you don’t even need a cord or an outlet. Instead, just charge the rechargeable pump battery at home or in the car and use the charged up pump to fill and deflate your mattress with ease no matter where you are.SoundAsleep inflation pump

Each bed comes with a 1-year limited warranty as well as a carrying bag.

Where to Buy an Air Mattress From SoundAsleep

I recommend looking at sites like Amazon for SoundAsleep products. Amazon has great prices and an excellent return policy if you’re not happy with your product.

Accessories to Consider

The best portable air mattress will meet your most basic needs and will make a great bed for sleeping.

But if you plan to use your portable mattress for more than just a few nights or if you want to know how to make it more comfortable than ever, you’ll want to consider purchasing some extra accessories.

First, you’ll need the top air mattress pump. But the following accessories should be considered as well.

1. Coghlan’s 8880 Airstop


Even the best blow up air mattress will get small holes in it over time.

Many reviews of air mattresses that you’ll read depict users getting rid of their air mattresses just because of one small hole. But with Coghlan’s 8880 Airstop sealant, you can fix a hole in your air mattress quickly and effectively.

A tube of Coghlan’s 8880 Airstop sealant costs just a little, and it will be invaluable for your air mattress, especially if you’ll be sleeping on the air bed regularly.

2. Red Nomad Twin Size Mattress Padred nomad premium mattress pad


In order to make your twin size blow up mattress more comfortable, many twin air mattress reviews recommend buying a memory foam mattress pad.

This twin size mattress pad from Red Nomad is comfortable and long-lasting. The pad simply sits on top of your blow-up mattress, and a sheet can be put over top of the pad and the mattress to secure them both so that they don’t slip throughout the night.

Red Nomad makes mattress toppers out of high-quality memory foam, which makes any blow-up mattress feel like a real bed. The memory foam also conforms to your body and can help support those with bad backs.

3. Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam PillowCoop Home Memory Foam Pillow


Despite their usefulness, air mattresses may be less pleasant to sleep on overall when you compare them to regular mattresses. But you can make the best-rated inflatable bed even better by having a super nice pillow!

For myself, I like the Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow. It’s one of the best pillows that you can find, and I use it on my regular bed as well as when I travel with an air mattress.

Each pillow has shredded memory foam inside, which means that these pillows combine the malleability of a soft down pillow and the comfort, support and firmness of memory foam.

Maintenance and Care For Your Air Mattress

In order to keep your air mattress in tip-top shape, there are several do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

What Is the Best Air Bed Maintenance Routine?


  • DO use sheets on your air mattress whenever it is being slept on. This will keep it cleaner and prevent stains over time. It may also add comfort.
  • DO spot clean with a wet and soapy cloth when needed. If the mattress comes with a cover, remove it from time to time and have it dry cleaned as well. Never put an air mattress in the washing machine.
  • DO deflate the mattress when it’s not in use and store it rolled up in its carrying case.


  • DON’T inflate your mattress too much. Over-inflating may stretch the fabric to the brink and cause tears or seam rips. It may also cause the mattress to pop when someone lays on it.
  • DON’T allow children or pets to jump on the mattress. Jumping can cause air leakage or popping, and pets’ claws may cause punctures.
  • DON’T throw your air mattress away just because of a small hole or puncture. Hole sealant can usually remedy the problem with ease.

If you’re shopping for the best air beds for daily use, you’ll definitely need to heed the advice given above. Taking quality care of your air mattress on a regular basis will ensure that it stays in good shape for years to come.

Cots vs Air Mattresses

picture of cots

photo credit: Glenna Barlow char charpoi via photopin (license)

Many of the people who consider purchasing an air mattress also consider purchasing a cot, but the answer is clear that air mattresses are much better than cots in a number of ways.

First, many camping reviews reveal that cots are bulky and heavy when hiking or backpacking. This makes them awkward to pack and carry. On the other hand, air mattresses can be rolled tightly and easily packed into a backpack.

Next, cots are often extremely uncomfortable for sleeping while the best air mattress beds are super comfy. Most chiropractors recommend air mattresses over cots because cots can be bad for your back. They are stiff and nonmalleable, which means that they don’t offer soft support the way that an air mattress can.

Air mattresses, on the other hand, can inflate in only a few seconds and will feel as close to a real mattress as anything.

Wrap Up and Making The Decision

Lady's feet seen from the bedThere is truly no end to the usefulness of a great air mattress.

The top air mattress will save the day when last minute guests arrive at your home or when you’ve just moved into a new house and haven’t had time to set up your bed yet.

Some people enjoy sleeping on air mattresses so much that they use one permanently. I’ve read more than a few air mattress reviews that have mentioned college students preferring air mattresses to their regular dorm mattresses.

But when it comes to making your final decision, whether you’re searching for the best air beds for guests, travel, camping or any other scenario, doing your research is key.

You should read reviews on air mattresses and follow guides like this one so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to order a new mattress.

In fact, even if you don’t have a current need for an air mattress, it’s a good idea to own one anyway. They’re wonderful to have in case of an emergency, surprise guests, a big move or an impromptu camping trip.

So don’t put off making this important purchase. When the time comes, you’ll be so glad that you took the time to find a great air mattress instead of just buying the first one you saw when the hour struck!

Good luck on your search, and I hope this guide has been of great help.