Top 10 Best Camping Air Mattresses and Sleeping Pads

Heading out into the wild wilderness can be a top-rate way to explore the world around you and also have a fun vacation. But do you have all of your gear? The best camping air mattress or sleeping pad should definitely be at the top of your camping shopping list. Each has its own pros and cons, but having at least one is absolutely necessary! Whether it’s the best air mattress for camping that you’re looking for or the best sleeping pad, the following guide is what you need to make your final purchase choice.

You’ll find general information and camping tips as well as individual sleeping pad and camping air mattress reviews and recommendations. Let’s get started!

Top Best Camping Air Mattresses and Sleeping Pads Comparison Chart

Coleman Support Rest Twin Elite
Built-InOur Review
SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress
External, IncludedOur Review
Coleman 4-in-1 EasyStay
External, Not IncludedOur Review
GEERTOP 2in SPLICED Self-Inflating Pad
Self-InflatingOur Review
Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol
Non InflatableOur Review

How To Choose an Air Mattress for Camping

picture of a camping tentCamping is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your free time, and it’s also something that you can do for the entire duration of your life. Both children and older adults can enjoy the experience of camping. And naturally, it’s a great activity for all ages in between as well.

But in order to make the most of any camping trip, preparation is key.

One of the most important things that you’ll need to prepare is your sleeping situation. All avid campers know that no camping trip plan is complete without first finding the best camping mattress.

When you sleep at your campsite, you want to be as comfortable as possible. You also want to stay warm.

At the same time, it’s important to find a sleeping setup that won’t be a burden to hike or backpack with and one that will be able to be durable against the rough earthen ground that you sleep on.

To find what’s best for your upcoming camping trip, consider the following factors.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Mattress for Camping

material iconType of Material

The best air bed for camping needs to be durable. Sleeping on the ground means laying your mattress on top of rocks, twigs and other sharp objects, which could potentially puncture your bed.

In addition to being made of strong material, your sleeping mattress should also be insulated or made of reflective material so that it helps you stay warm throughout the night.

wind blowing pictureInflation Method

There are several types of inflation methods when it comes to camping mattresses. First, a pump is either internal and is included in the construction of the mattress or external, which means that you use it to pump up the mattress before setting it aside.

Next, consider whether you want an electric, battery-powered or hand powered pump.

Battery powered pumps can be charged at home or in your car and used without electricity. Electric pumps naturally need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to be used. And finally, hand pumps don’t need any form of external energy, but they can be annoying to use.

Most of the time, the best camp mattress will have a hand pump so that it can be used at any time, but it may also be usable with an electric or battery-powered pump.

cushioning icon pictureCushioning

It goes without saying that the best camping mattresses are cushioned and comfortable.

To achieve this, any camping mattresses have extra flocking and padding on top to add more comfort. And the best camping mattresses are deep so that you never feel the ground while you’re sleeping.

backpack icon pictureSize and Portability

For added comfort, you’ll want a bigger mattress that is also deeper. For easier inflation, you’ll want a battery powered internal pump.

With that being said, more cushioning and a deeper mattress plus a bulky pump that goes with the mattress means a bigger and bulkier product to carry around.

For this reason, when it comes to size and portability, the best beds for camping are small and compact.

Most of the time, I recommend that campers purchase a bigger and more comfortable mattress whenever they’re not planning on hiking a long way to their campsite.

But if you do have a hike ahead of you, seek out compactness in your bed. Find a thin and lightweight bed that is also durable and still comfortable.

Should I choose a Good Sleeping Pad or an Air Mattress?

It can be difficult for beginning campers to understand the true difference between an air mattress and a sleeping pad. In fact, even avid campers struggle with these definitions!

In general, just know that air mattresses are bigger and fill with more air than sleeping pads.

Furthermore, sleeping pads will often include some sort of foam or insulation as well as air. Sometimes, no air goes into a sleeping pad.

Both of these sleeping tools can be useful in different situations.

The Benefits of a Good Sleeping Padman lying in a camping tent

Sleeping pads are great when you’re backpacking or hiking to your campsite because they can become extremely compact and are usually lightweight too. This makes them easy to transport.

Sleeping pads can also be excellent when the weather is cold because some of them have insulating foam that will expand and build up heat levels as you sleep.

The Benefits of a Good Air Mattress

Even a cheap air mattress will beat a cheap camping mat in terms of comfort.

That’s because cheap air mattresses still have more cushioning than cheap camping mats. In fact, some of the best air mattresses can feel like traditional beds because of their even disbursement of air and firm cushioning.

Additionally, air mattresses usually sit at least 10 inches off the ground, and some of the better models are up to 22 inches deep. This is much deeper than even if the biggest sleeping pad.

Best Camping Air Mattress Reviews

Our Top 5 Air Mattresses for Camping

1. Coleman Support Rest Twin Elitephoto of an air mattress



  • Great for camping in that the soft and comfortable flocking surface is also antimicrobial to keep mold, odors, fungus and mildew at bay while in the outdoors
  • Reinforced construction is supported by Support Lock technology to give a more stable sleeping experience
  • Internal 120V pump quickly inflates or deflates your air mattress in less than 2 minutes
  • Pump system is easy to use and comes with a long cord that easily works with any electrical outlet
  • Many camping air mattress ratings raved about the comfort of this mattress, referring to the ComfortStrong coil construction inside the
  • structure
  • Edges of mattress offer the patented PillowStop design to keep yourself and your pillow from falling off the bed or slipping during the night
  • The best air mattress for camping in terms of durability while sleeping on the rough and hard ground

lady sitting on a coleman air bed


  • Unfortunately, some of the camping air mattress reviews claimed that the pump motor was extremely loud.


  • Light gray top with dark gray body
  • Internal electric pump included with mattress
  • Twin size inflated dimensions: 75” x 40” x 20”
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty

Overall Value for the Money

The Coleman Support Rest Twin Elite is listed as the number one air mattress for camping, and it lives up to this rating. This mattress consistently receives the best camping air mattress review responses from consumers and the air mattress industry. Coleman is a top name in camping gear and has produced a durable and comfortable mattress with this product.

2. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air MattressCamping air beds



  • ComfortCoil technology features patented I-Beam Air Coils to help easily disperse weight and provide added comfort throughout the night
  • External pump will deflate or inflate your SoundAsleep mattress in a matter of 3 minutes only
  • Use the rechargeable battery in the external pump to fill your mattress without the need for an electrical outlet
  • Extra thick and durable flocking and mattress material helps to withstand added pressure from outdoor objects, such as rocks, twigs and
  • branches
  • Carrying bag included
  • Choose from twin size or queen size
  • 1-year limited warranty comes free with either size of mattress


  • Some of the camping air mattress reviews lamented that there was not an internal pump included with this air mattress. But keep in mind that an external pump is included, and you can recharge the battery for easier use when camping as well.

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress


  • Dark blue top with white body
  • Patented external pump with rechargeable battery comes with the air mattress
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 78″ x 60″ x 9″
  • Twin size inflated dimensions: 75″ x 42″ x 9″
  • 1-year limited warranty included with this air mattress,
  • Complaints, concerns or questions can be directed to SoundAsleep’s customer support by email or phone

Overall Value for the Money

The SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress constantly gets high praise from camping air mattresses reviews, and it certainly gets the best camping air mattress review from me. SoundAsleep is a top brand of air mattress. Even though the mattress does not come with an internal pump, the external pump offers easy inflation and deflation and has a patented rechargeable battery, which is extremely useful when camping.

3. SimplySleeper SS-83Q QueenSimplySleeper SS-83Q Queen



  • Special quad chamber technology uses four oval-shaped coil air chambers to give sturdy support that feels like a real bed
  • Supports the weight of up to 500 pounds and can easily retain air even when the maximum weight is on the mattress
  • This is one of the best inflatable mattress for camping models for couples as it is a comfortable queen size.
  • Built-in electric pump offers single click inflation or deflation
  • Deflation happens faster than ever with the quick release valve
  • Comfortable flocking is super soft and durable for outdoor use


  • Not the best air mattress for camping in terms of color. The light beige color of this bed makes it prone to stains.
  • Some of the air bed reviews for this mattress said that the quick release valve did not actually deflate the bed in a matter of minutes as the description claims.

SimplySleeper air mattressFeatures

  • Beige top with beige body
  • Internal electric pump included
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 80” x 60” x 18″
  • 1-year limited warranty included as a SimplySleeper Air bed

Overall Value for the Money

The SimplySleeper SS-83Q Queen is one of the best air mattresses for camping because of its ultra durability and easy to use air pump. Unlike many of the other top air mattress models, many feel that this is the absolute best queen air mattress for camping because it can support so much weight without deflating. The SimplySleeper supports up to 500 pounds and is perfect for couples.

4. Coleman 4-in-1 EasyStayColeman 4-in-1 EasyStay air bed



  • According to many camping air mattress reviews this is the best inflatable mattress for camping with different combinations of people because it can be used as one double high twin bed, two single twin beds or a single king size bed
  • Flocking is soft and plush for added comfort
  • Double inner coils in each bed offer extreme firmness and strength
  • Storage is easy with the Wrap’N’Roll system and included carrying bag
  • Using any type of separately purchased, external air pump is easy with this mattress


  • The main complaint that inflatable mattress reviews had for this air mattress was that it did not come with any sort of external or internal pump. You need to purchase your own air mattress pump or use a hair dryer or other device.

double air bed from the sideFeatures

  • Light tan top with darker tan body
  • No pump included with this mattress
  • Twin size inflated dimensions: 74″ x 39″ x 5”
  • Factory tested to be leak free for a year and comes according to included 1-year limited warranty

Overall Value for the Money

According to almost every one of the air mattress reviews that you will read, when camping with different combinations of people, this mattress is voted as the best inflatable camping mattress.

The Coleman 4-in-1 EasyStay mattress gets such amazing camping mattress reviews because it is so versatile. You can use this messages as a double high twin bed, a single king size bed or two single twin beds. And changing the bed configuration is super easy. For your money, it’s a great product.

5. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam AirbedIntex Comfort Plush Elevated air bed



  • Bed is raised an amazing 22 inches off the ground for added cushioning and comfort
  • Fits any type of sheets because of the side indents, which sit at various heights
  • Side flocking also helps to keep sheets in place
  • Camping air mattress reviews loved the fact that this bed stayed inflated all night
  • Soft top flocking makes the bed even more comfortable
  • Flocking is also waterproof
  • Best air mattress for camping as a couple as the bed stays inflated even when holding up to 600 pounds
  • Internal pump is simple to use and fills up the bed in just 4 and a half minutes
  • Included duffle bag offers easy, compact storage
  • Excellent price for a high-quality mattress that will last for years


  • According to Intex air mattress reviews, the biggest con of this bed was that fact that there is no warranty included.

Dura-Beam Air bedFeatures

  • Light gray top with dark gray body
  • Internal electric pump
  • Queen size inflated dimensions: 60 x 22 x 80 inches
  • There is no warranty included with this bed

Overall Value for the Money

The Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed is the best camping air mattress in terms of height and well worth the inexpensive price. In addition, any Intex air mattress review will tell you that this is a high-quality mattress with comfortable cushioning and long-lasting durability.

Finally, it’s important to note that when camping outdoors, you naturally want to be high off the ground, and this Intex air mattress keeps you an amazing 22 inches off the ground. This is actually deeper than many traditional mattresses!

Top 5 of Best Sleeping Pads for Camping

The Best Sleeping Pad: Luxe Tempo Self-Inflating Sleeping PadSelf-Inflating Camping Pad



  • The best camping pad in terms of comfort, durability and ease of transport
  • High-grade open cell foam made of polyurethane and featuring an expanding core
  • Super non-slip microfiber suede material helps you sleep sounder
  • Brass valve made of non-corrosive high volume brass helps to inflate and deflate this camping sleep pad much easier and faster
  • 2 inches of full cushioning
  • Fits all body types
  • Abrasion-resistant bottom is made of high-end polyester for great durability
  • Great for a bed replacement at home or when traveling
  • Comes with free compression elastic straps
  • Repair kit containing adhesive patches included


  • Some of the sleeping pad reviews that reviewed this pad mentioned that they would like a taller or thicker sleeping surface, but for this, I would simply recommend buying an air mattress instead of a pad.
  • The pad does not come with a warranty.

Self-Inflating MattressFeatures

  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Microfiber suede
  • Self-inflating sleeping pad
  • Inflated dimensions: 2” x 26” x 74”
  • This pad does not come with a warranty

Overall Value for the Money

The Luxe Tempo Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad is the best sleeping pad on this list and the one that I most recommend when I’m asked about sleeping pads for camping. The durable material will stand up to even the roughest ground, and the cushioning and soft material are second to none. For the great quality that you’re getting with the Luxe Tempo pad, this is a product that is well worth the price tag.

2. Altimair Outdoor Camping Sleeping Padaltimair air mattress



  • Super durable nylon-plus is resistant to stretching
  • Material is also resistant to puncturing and can be used on any terrain
  • Includes a built-in foot pump for easy inflating
  • If you have access to electricity, you can also use the included portable, 2 in 1 air pump with various nozzle types for the best connection
  • Luxurious comfortable feel for any body type
  • Super light at under 5 pounds total for easy packing and carrying
  • Instruction manual and repair kit included
  • Comes with large and convenient carrying bag


  • Some of the camping mats reviews wished that the surface of this pad was a little softer as the nylon-plus material tends to feel a little rough.
  • Does not include warranty


  • Color: Dark gray
  • Material: Durable nylon-plus
  • Built-in foot pump or 2 in 1, portable DC electric air pump can be used
  • Inflated dimensions: 5” x 26” x 78”
  • No warranty is included with this camping pad

Overall Value for the Money

The Altimair Outdoor Camping Sleeping Pad is one of the best camping pads on the market. Unlike a cheap airbed, this bed comes with two types of pumps, which I love.

When you don’t have access to electrical outlets on your camping trip, you can simply use the built-in foot pump to quickly and efficiently fill up your mattress pad. When electricity is available, use the external electrical pump for a quicker inflation.

The bed is comfortable and durable and comes at an excellent price. I highly recommend it for campers.

3. GEERTOP 2in Thick Lightweight SPLICED Self-Inflating PadSelf-Inflating Camp Pad



  • Durable material stands up to any ground covering
  • Special ergonomic design helps keep you balanced and secure while sleeping
  • Two of the pads can be connected easily to form a queen size bed
  • Self-inflates in just a few minutes
  • Great price
  • Two color choices to choose from
  • Best blow up mattress for camping in tents
  • Best sleeping pad for those who have bad backs as the thickness is unusually deep for added comfort
  • Comes with manual on use and maintenance
  • Comes with emergency repair kit
  • Conveniently large carrying bag included with mattress


  • For a camping sleeping pad, this model is slightly heavy. At the same time, it’s extremely comfortable, which means that it’s a great choice for either those who are willing to carry the extra weight and comfort or those who don’t need to hike a long way to their campsite.

Mattress for camping close upFeatures

  • Color: Red and Grey or Blue and Grey
  • Material: 75D thick coated polyester
  • Self-inflating mat
  • Inflated dimensions: 2” x 66” x 25”
  • 18-month warranty is included with the sleeping pad

Overall Value for the Money

The GEERTOP 2in Thick Lightweight SPLICED Self-Inflating Pad is the best sleeping pad for camping when you don’t have to travel very far on foot. That’s because this pad tends to be a bit heavier.

If you feel that the added comfort of this luxurious pad is worth it, however, feel free to pack it tightly in its accompanying carrying case. It’s still portable enough to hike with. It’s just not as lightweight as some of the other pads on this list.

4. Therm-a-Rest Z Lite SolTherm-a-Rest air bed



  • Helps campers stay warm at night with special ThermaCapture technology
  • ThermaCapture reflects radiant heat back to your body through the heat-trapping dimples while you sleep and can increase your overall warmth by at least 20 percent
  • Super durable design can be used on even the roughest surfaces
  • Closed-cell foam is ergonomically designed to help those with bad backs
  • Dimpled design allows individual cells to nest inside each other for compact and easy packing
  • Super lightweight for easy carrying and efficient storage
  • Available in either small or regular size
  • Available in a fashionable color design


  • Some sleeping pad reviews wished that this pad provided more support as it only gets to a thickness of .75 inches, but it also must be noted that for the convenience of compactness when hiking and traveling, some thickness must be sacrificed.
  • No warranty is included with this camping sleeping pad.

Z Lite Sol MattressFeatures

  • Color: Silver on one size and yellow on the other
  • Material: ThermaCapture
  • Does not inflate
  • Inflated dimensions of regular size: 72” x 20” x .75”
  • Inflated dimensions of small size: 51” x 20” x .75”
  • No warranty included with this product

Overall Value for the Money

The Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol is one of the best backpacking sleeping pads because it folds so small and is so lightweight. If you’re driving to your campsite and don’t have to walk far, you might consider a thicker and more cushioned pad, but for the purposes of hiking and backpacking, this is a great pad. It’s also excellent when camping in cold regions as the ThermaCapture material helps to increase overall heat while you sleep.

5. Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping Padsleeping pad for camping



  • Available in 3 convenient sizes: Extra large, large and regular
  • Provides comfort and coziness in all seasons
  • Super simple self-inflating design
  • Because it’s self-inflating, rolling up the mat into a compact carrying size is super simple as well
  • Core of the mat is made of expandable foam, which is able to get extremely big for more cushioning and extremely small for easy, lightweight transport
  • Lasts for years and stays in great shape
  • Because it’s self-inflating, no electrical outlets or electricity is needed
  • Thick enough to provide adequate cushioning and comfort for a good night’s sleep


  • As far as sleeping pad reviews go, this model gets great reviews from hikers and backpackers who need a compact sleeping design. If you plan on camping out of a car, however, you might consider a thicker pad that has more support and cushioning.

Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping PadFeatures

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Material: Die-cut foam
  • Self-inflating design
  • Inflated dimensions of extra large size: 30” x 77″ x 2″
  • Inflated dimensions of large size: 25” x 77” x 2″
  • Inflated dimensions of regular size: 20” x 72” x 2″
  • A manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from the company’s customer service department

Overall Value for the Money

The Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping Pad is one of the top rated sleeping pad options for hikers and backpackers. The pad is simple and durable. The robust core is made of a dense foam that provides comfort and also squishes together for excellent compactness. Take this pad anywhere, and you’ll hardly feel it weighing down your pack at all. It’s a great value for the price.

Tips for Sleepy Campers

The experience of camping offers one of the only opportunities that we have to actually live for a while in nature.

With that being said, it’s not surprising that modern humans don’t take to it immediately. Compared to all of our indoor creature comforts, living outdoors is difficult!

Naturally, there’s a learning curve. And this is especially true when it comes to sleeping.

With this in mind, here are a few key tips for keeping comfortable and warm while you sleep on your camping trip!

Packing the Essentials

Based on this article, you should already know that you’ll need an air mattress. You might also require a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag, and you’ll certainly want to pack a pillow.

How to Stay Warm

1. Check the weather ahead of time, and pack accordingly.

Even if you live close to where you will be camping, you should plan on checking the weather report ahead of time.

Also keep in mind that sleeping outside is inherently colder than sleeping in your cozy bed at home with the heat on! And finally, if your camping site altitude is high, the temperature will be much lower as well.

2. Wear extra clothes to bed.

We recommend wearing long underwear or leggings, warm socks, a long-sleeved top or a sweatshirt and a warm hat while you sleep. Having thick fabric close to your body will help you retain your natural warmth.

3. Use a foam pad beneath your air mattress.

A closed-cell foam pad will help bounce radiant heat back to your body as you sleep, and this will keep you warm. More information on foam camping pads can be found in our guide on this product.

4. Try a hot water bottle.

If you can, heat some water in a kettle or a pot over your campfire and pour it into a hot water bottle. Close it tightly, and place the bottle in your sleeping bag before getting into it. If you don’t have a hot water bottle, store-bought hand warmers will also work.

5. Try eating before bed.

As your body digests your food, the process will warm you up! Eating can also make you drowsier, so it may help you fall asleep.

6. Sleep with your significant other or next to a pal.

If you have a significant other, sleep next to them on your queen size air mattress. You might also consider sleeping next to a camping buddy who is a friend. Combining your body heat will make you both warmer while you sleep.camping group in the dark

Sleeping Preparation Tips

1. Find a level camping site.

Little is worse than trying to get to sleep on a slope. Look for a flat site to set up camp.

2. Don’t drink liquids close to your bedtime.

Especially if it’s super cold outside or if you’re afraid of critters prowling around in the dark, avoiding liquids before bed can eliminate the need for bathroom runs in the middle of the night. Stop drinking liquids around 6pm.

3. Keep a flashlight nearby.

Finally, for safety purposes and in case you need to get up in the middle of the night for any reason, always keep a flashlight near your bed while you sleep.

Don’t Forget The Pump

When camping, you may enjoy roughing it and backpacking to your site, or you may prefer camping out of your car. And if you plan to camp out of your car, you should be using an air mattress to sleep on at night.

With that being said, you may not have access to an electrical outlet for pumping your mattress up.

If this is the case, don’t worry! All you’ll need is a DC pump that can be used with a car’s outlet. Here are two recommendations.

1. Coleman QuickPump DC 12V for Car OutletColeman QuickPump

The best air beds for camping require some sort of electric pump to inflate them. Otherwise, you’d end up spending your entire camping trip pumping up your mattress by hand!

If you don’t have access to electricity at your campsite, try the Coleman QuickPump DC 12V for Car Outlet. Coleman makes excellent products for campers, and this air pump is no exception.

The QuickPump can be used with any Coleman Double Lock valves and comes with two nozzle attachments. Inflating a deep, queen size bed takes only 3 minutes! There is also a universal rechargeable version available.

2. GOCHANGE DC 12V Electric PumpElectric Air Pump

The GOCHANGE DC 12V Electric Pump is another great electric pump that can connect to your car’s outlet and be used with any air mattress.

The pump comes with three different nozzle attachments so that you get the perfect fit no matter what type of air bed you have. It also features both inflation and deflation settings. The deflation setting is great so that when you’re ready to tear down your camp, you don’t have to spend an hour pushing all of the air out of your mattress manually.campsite at picturesque mountains

Wrap Up and Making The Decision

Out of all of the pastimes and hobbies that you can have, camping is one of the most commendable. It takes you into nature, removes you from the stresses of modern day life, and it helps you appreciate the beauty of living simply.

Even so, you still must be prepared when you go camping. And one of the simplest but also most important things that you’ll need to prepare for is sleep. In other words, which air mattress or sleeping pad will you choose to make you most comfortable?

The Best Air Mattress for Campingman unrolling a sleeping pad for camping

Reading camping air mattress reviews should be the first thing that you do to help narrow your search for the best camping air mattress.

With a great air mattress, you’ll feel well-rested each day, and that’s a must for roughing it outdoors. You want to get a great night’s sleep each night so that you’re fresh and ready to face the day every morning.

The Best Sleeping Pad for Camping

Air mattresses may be more comfortable than a simple mattress pad in the end. But if you’re planning on hiking or backpacking to your camp site, then a pad is what you want.

With a sleeping pad, you’ll get a lightweight, compact and comfortable sleeping surface. And again, this is essential for having enough daily energy.

No matter what you choose, the biggest point here is to conduct thorough research and read lots of reviews. Only then can you find the bed products for your camping trip and purchase them.

As a final note, if you have a camping trip coming up, don’t wait to buy these extremely important pieces of gear. I hope that this guide has helped you understand your options and narrow your search. Good luck!